About Us

Better Delivery. Better Focus On Customers. Simplicity.

Our Mission Statement

To foster mutually- rewarding relationships between culture, community & commerce. 

Vision Statement

To be the pinnacle of delivery, putting people first.

On Demand Deliveries:  Atlanta Airport, GA (College Park, East Points & Hapeville) | Thomaston, GA | Barnesville, GA | Griffin, GA

Catering Deliveries:  Atlanta, GA | Charlotte, NC | Dallas, TX

ORDER CARTER (formerly Carhops Delivery) will deliver to all of your favorite food + retail joints in the community, seven days a week. So go ahead and order from any restaurant in the network - whether it’s a fast food joint, hamburger spot, pizza place, diner, or whatever else you have a craving for!

Create an account with ORDER CARTER and order whatever you’d like!   Our goal is to make it quick, easy, and affordable to find great local restaurants that service your area.

The process is really simple:

  • Search for restaurants in your neighborhood.

  • Order using our interactive online menus.

  • Get out the paper plates, tune the TV, and get ready to relax over a delicious meal.

It's too easy!

Through our easy-to-navigate site, you can easily find and order whatever you feel like, wherever you are, at the touch of a button. Whether it’s beating the line at your favorite pizza place, having lunch delivered at work or opting for a quick and easy dinner, ORDER CARTER will deliver to your doorstep.

With carhopsdelivery.com you can order food from your mobile, tablet or PC without ever leaving home. Using our sophisticated proprietary technology, we seamlessly connect you to your favorite local restaurant ensuring super quick delivery. Plus, using advanced features like the “previous order function”, ordering your favorite meal has never been so easy!

Better delivery. Better focus on customers. Simplicity. It's a change that has been a long time coming! ORDER CARTER will make sure you get the best service available!